Ambassadors of the Kingdom

The mission of Ambassadors of the Kingdom is to identify those voices that today are revealing truth to the people of God all over the earth.  Such voices are rare and exceptional.  In the din and clamor of the present time, where voices are competing for notoriety, the people of God are often confused by the sheer volume and intensity of sounds.  Scriptures say, Unless the trumpet gives a certain sound, who can prepare for the battle(I Corinthians 14:8).

When those voices that represent the distinctive sound of God speaking to His people are heard in the world, the value that is imparted to God’s people is inestimable.  When God speaks on Earth, He intends to be heard by those who are listening.  Such voices are ambassadors of Christ Himself, inasmuch as they represent His Kingdom on Earth.

The purpose of Ambassadors of the Kingdom is to support the propagation of the sound from heaven among the nations of mankind.

The hope of mankind, both as individuals and as nations, depends ultimately upon this sound from heaven.  Ambassadors of the Kingdom understands that it has been given a divine appointment to support the going forth of this sound into the whole earth.

The links provided are one of the ways that Ambassadors of the Kingdom hopes to connect those who are searching with that sound they are seeking.  Its primary mission, however, is to raise financial support for those who have committed their lives to the propagation of the message of the Kingdom.

– Sam Soleyn

Thank you for your support, please make checks payable to:
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